In their Shoes Series Two

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Welcome to Season Two of the Cordwainers’ In Their Shoes Podcasts, featuring outstanding and insightful conversations with some of footwear’s most innovative and influential experts.

Join our host Katie Greenyer, Cordwainer and Creative Director of Pentland Brands, for perceptive insights into how some of the footwear industry’s most successful individuals achieved their success.

We are delighted to welcome

Alexandra Fullerton, Glamour UK’s fashion director at large. Alex has been heard to say that she prefers shoes above people and founded Instagram’s #thedailyshoe to share her love of footwear.

Michael James of Springline Lasts. Master craftsman and one of the last lastmakers in Britain, Michael has made lasts for everyone from the King to Gringotts Goblins in the Harry Potter films. Michael offers a unique insight into how this endangered heritage craft survives and thrives in his Northampton factory.

Atalanta Weller, Director and Designer at Atalanta Weller, award-winning designer and judge of the Cordwainer Footwear Awards. Atalanta talks about the lessons she has learned from establishing her own label and the importance to her of her involvement in the Cordwainers Company.

Neil Clifford, CEO of Kurt Geiger. Hear about his journey from being a dyslexic schoolboy and leaving school with only one O-level, to becoming CEO of Europe’s largest luxury shoe and accessory retailer. 

Georgina Goodman, footwear style icon, tutor, stylist and entrepreneur, once hailed as ‘the future of footwear’ by no less than Manolo Blahnik.