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Governance and Strategy


The Company is governed by an elected Master and four Wardens.

They are aided by the Court of Assistants, which is a permanent body of senior Liverymen. The Management Committee assists the Company Clerk, who is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Company.

The Company elects a new Master and Wardens every summer at the Oath Day ceremony, when the new Master’s year of office begins.

Master and Wardens

Master: Judith Millidge

Senior Warden: Jonathan Church

Second Warden: Andrew Peal

Steward Warden: Sarah Chamberlain

Renter Warden: Katie Greenyer


Four simple aims will take us and our associated charities to a better place, and make our company stronger.

The Company’s strategy aims to provide a focus for our charitable work, to engage with our members and to ensure our financial strength.


Increase further the participation and involvement of all Liverymen and Freemen in the Company’s social, charitable and governance activities.


Gradually increase the amount given by Cordwainers’ charities to targeted external charity beneficiaries.


Increase the profile of the Company both internally amongst members, and externally in the footwear trade, in the City, and amongst our charitable and business partners.


Progressively increase the financial strength of the Company.