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Footwear Industry

Trainers by Air & Grace

Finishing Dr, Martens boots (British Footwear Association).

Cordwainer apprentice QEST scholar Oluwamuyiwa Fadairo.

Our future is our trade

The Cordwainers’ Company is very proud of the strength of its ongoing relationships with the British footwear industry.

Our charitable support of organisations helping those working in shoemaking industries go hand-in-hand with the Company’s efforts to nurture new talent in these fields.


British Footwear Association (BFA)

The Cordwainers’ Company works closely with the BFA to improve the training, ongoing support and guidance for those working in the British footwear industry as well as increasing the profile and promoting the work of British footwear designers and manufacturers. Previous charitable grants have supported the development of shoe manufacturing apprenticeships, British footwear industry research projects, workshops and an accelerated development programme.


Footwear Friends

The Cordwainers’ Company has been supporting Footwear Friends (formerly the Footwear Benevolence Society) since 1845. Charitable grants include the Cordwainer Award for Innovation, as well as support for a hardship fund.


Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST)

QEST was established in 1990 by the Royal Warrant Holders Association to sustain Britain’s cultural heritage, by supporting the training and education of talented and aspiring craftspeople. The Cordwainers have supported scholarships for Maud van den Broecke with Deborah Carré of Carréducker, and Oluwamuyiwa Fadairo at John Lobb.