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All freemen are eligible to be be granted the Freedom of the City of London.

Master and wardens with new freemen and liverymen, 2019.

We have approximately 240 members, of which about 170 are Liverymen.

Membership of the Cordwainers consolidates links between those who play an active role in fashion and footwear, and members of the families who have been historically associated with these industries for generations.

Members of the Company who gain promotion to the Livery and become members of the Court play an active role in the Company. They actively contribute to our overriding function – to manage and distribute the Company’s assets for charitable purposes.

There are two ways to become a member of the Cordwainers: by Patrimony or by Redemption.



Open to sons and daughters of Freemen over the age of 25, of legitimate status, born after that parent became a Freeman of the Company.

The fee for admission by Patrimony is £500.



This category applies to:

  • children who were born before their parent became a Freeman of the Company.
  • grandchildren whose grandparent was a Freeman of the Company.
  • by invitation only, those connected with the Company who have excelled in some way, for example by serving as a Trustee of one of the Cordwainer charities.
  • by invitation only, anyone who has no immediate connection with the Company but has excelled in the fashion and footwear trade.

The fee for admission is £500.