Sir Roger Gifford 1955-2021

Judith Millidge's Photo

Sir Roger Gifford
Senior Warden of the Worshipful Company of Cordwainers

In the early years of the 21st century a wise Cordwainer noticed that although the Cordwainers are the only livery company to have a City ward named after them, links between the Company and the Ward of Cordwainer were rather weak. So we were delighted in 2010 when the Alderman of the Ward of Cordwainer, distinguished international banker Roger Gifford, accepted our invitation to join the Company, initially as an Honorary Liveryman. 

A keen supporter of the livery movement and a man whose career of civic service culminated in his appointment as the 685th Lord Mayor of London in 2012, Roger embraced the Cordwainers, sharing with us his energy, his love of music and his wise counsel.

The Company was immensely proud of the third Cordwainer Lord Mayor, naming the new student accommodation block at our hall of residence in Hackney, Gifford House in his honour in 2013.

Most recently, Sir Roger played a key role in devising plans for the Cordwainer’s 750th anniversary celebrations in 2022, offering, inspiration, good humour and pragmatism to the proposals. His many years of service both professionally and in a voluntary capacity within the City of London were invaluable, and although a busy man, he was a committed Cordwainer, always making time for the Company.

We will miss his sage advice on our committees and his convivial presence at our charitable and social events. The Company was looking forward to his leadership in 2021-22 as our Master, but we will remember his great contribution to the Worshipful Company of Cordwainers with gratitude and affection.