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Worshipful Company of Cordwainers


Colonel Nigel Easton QVRM TD

It is a great honour to be elected as Master of the Worshipful Company of Cordwainers. I will give my full and enthusiastic support to the Company, its aspirations and the implementation of the new 2030 Vision.

I am very proud to be a Liveryman of such a progressive Company; but equally one that retains its family feel. I have been watching with anticipation and excitement the evolving relationship between the Company and the footwear industry. This is not just a return to the historic roots of the Livery, but the very essence of its future development. I sense that we are at a point where the opportunity to support the footwear industry has not been greater in recent years and I see much goodwill being returned from both the industry and academia. I am an engineer and manufacturer and see the opportunities that this relationship offers.

I have served on a number of Cordwainer committees in the past three years, learning a great deal about the Company, but there is still much to learn. I am a long-term Trustee of the Harben Armoury Trust so have been able to contribute to the business of the Company and to support the Cadets of our affiliated Regiment.

I live in Hampshire with my wife Nicky. We run a small manufacturing company which specialises in supplying high-quality mouldings to the aerospace industry and other sectors of the UK manufacturing base including orthotic shoe supports. We have four grown up children: my daughter Felicity being admitted to the Freedom in December last year.


Peter Lamble

It is a great honour to be elected to the office of Senior Warden for the forthcoming year. As someone who joined the Company by Redemption due to my footwear background, I am especially keen to continue the Company’s recent progress in supporting the industry. We have come a long way in a few years, but there are many exciting opportunities still to be tapped. Having led Start-Rite shoes in Norwich for more than 20 years, I am still Chairman there, and maintain my passion for, and contacts in, the industry. A qualified accountant and long term member of the Finance and Resources Committee, I am well aware of the more difficult climate against which we must measure our spending ambitions.

Outside of footwear, I am a National Leader of Governance in Education, and am working with a number of primary schools in Norfolk. I passionately believe that every child has the right to be educated in a good or better school in the public sector. I am also a trustee of the Big C Cancer Charity in Norfolk.

I live with my wife Angelique just outside Norwich. We have three grown-up children and four young grandchildren.


Sir Roger Gifford

It is a great honour to be elected to the office of Second Warden for the forthcoming year, and I shall serve the Company to the best of my abilities, in particular supporting the Master in his many and varied duties.

Whilst I am relatively new to the Cordwainers, I have endeavoured to get to know the Company and its myriad activities. I have known and felt close to the Company for a much longer period as Alderman for the Ward of Cordwainer and the City of London Corporation.

I very much look forward to learning about the Company’s professional engagements with the shoe industry.

I have been a member of the Freedom Committee and the Music Sub-Committee. I have participated in Company charity events and enjoyed them all. I believe strongly in the work of the Company, connecting to and supporting footwear designers and manufacturers in the true spirit of the livery movement.

Professionally, I have been a banker with Nordic Bank SEB for the past 35 years, living in Japan in the 90’s and a regular traveller to the Nordic and Baltic countries. I chair the London Green Finance Institute, recently formed as a result of a recommendation from the Government task force on green finance last year, which I also chaired. I was Lord Mayor of London in 2013.


Edward Fairweather

I am truly honoured to be elected as Steward Warden and will give my full and enthusiastic support to the Master, my fellow Wardens, the Court, and the Clerk.

I have been a member of the Finance and Resources Committee for the past three years and during that time have taken an active role in furthering the Company property assets.

As Steward Warden I look forward to developing a greater understanding of the Company through attendance at Court, plus greater immersion into the 2020 vision (and potentially the 2030 vision); there is much to learn and absorb.

The Company has always played a special part of my life, particularly as my father has been a Master and my two brothers and a cousin are also Liverymen.

I am married to Claire and have three sons (Frederick, 10), (Archie 7) and (Montgomery 3). I am a Partner at Knight Frank LLP and have been specialising in the central London commercial investment market and have been at the firm for for nearly 18 years.

I play tennis, ski, enjoy shooting and travel where possible.


Henry Shaw

It is a great honour to be Renter Warden and I will do my upmost to serve the Company to the best of my abilities and support the Master throughout the year.

I have greatly enjoyed being part of the Cordwainers thus far, supporting its many traditions and values and attending all events where possible.

The Company is especially dear to me, with so many family members having given and received so much in the continued prosperity of the Livery, I look forward to being able to make my contribution too.

I am a qualified Chartered Surveyor, working as an Associate Director at CBRE within the Residential Valuation team. My specialism is the London Residential market in both development and the resale market.

I live in South West London and enjoy music in my spare time, along with tennis and attempting to hit a golf ball in a straight line.