Worshipful Company of Cordwainers

If you are searching for a Cordwainer ancestor, please note that our records only cover Cordwainers who worked within the City Of London. We do not hold records for other Cordwainer companies or local guilds in other parts of the UK.

The main sources of genealogical information which we hold are the Apprenticeship records (1709 to 1965) and Freedom records (1678 to present). These record the names of apprentices and the craftsmen who trained them, and list the members of the Company.

The London Metropolitan Archives have produced a useful guide for those searching for ancestors who may have worked in trades in the City of London. Download it here.

The Guildhall Library can also advise on genealogical research.

If you would like to commission a search of the Cordwainer archives, please download the Instructions for the Archives Search form and send it to the above address. Please note there is a charge of £30 for this service.

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