Worshipful Company of Cordwainers

The Master’s Charity 2015-16

Posted by: JHM Date: 09 Jul 2015

2015-16 is the Cordwainer year for blind people, when we will raise funds for people with visual impairment. John Rubinstein, Master of the Cordwainers, introduces the campaign.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce Ruby the Cordwainer Pig.

pig2In 2015-16, the Cordwainers’ Company is raising funds through the Cordwainers’ Charities for the Blind for blind beneficiaries and the Royal London Society for the Blind, a charity with which the company has been associated for over a half a century; and which supports 7,000 young blind people across London and the south-east to live life without limits.

Being unable to see is bad enough, but visual impairment has a detrimental impact on young lives in other ways, too.

  • One in four blind and partially sighted children under 12 are depressed
  • 40% of blind children don’t have neighbourhood friends to play with
  • 90% of those who lose their sight in youth won’t work for more than six months in their lives
  • Two-thirds of blind and partially sighted people are on the poverty line

Some might say that changing the life chances of these youngsters is too difficult – pigs might fly!

That’s where you – and we – come in. We are capable of doing great things for charity. This year, we’re going to make pigs fly for those out of sight and out of mind.

Our request to you is a simple one: please fill up Ruby; make her fly by picking her up, flipping her over, and emptying her out. Count the money and send the equivalent donation to the dedicated JustGiving site: www.JustGiving.com/CordwainersCharities4theBlind. That’s one flight done – it’s so simple!

How you fill a Ruby is up to you – feed her your loose change (or even notes), hold coffee mornings or wine tastings and pass her round for donations; or you can ask for her to be placed in school or with friendly traders. Please take a look here for more ideas how Ruby can help blind people. See how many times you can make Ruby fly.

If you know others who would be willing to make a Ruby fly for blind people, they merely have to ask by emailing us at office@cordwainers.org or writing to us and she will be winging her way to them by return.  We want to get Rubies flying for blind people the length and width of the nation, so your help and support is vital.

Together, our flying pigs will raise money to give real chances to blind people. I very much hope you will enjoy supporting this campaign.