Worshipful Company of Cordwainers

Master’s Charity 2018

Posted by: JHM Date: 21 Sep 2018


Master 2018-2019, Jonathan Hooper introduces his charitable campaign.

Cordwainers are rightly proud of the Company’s long-standing support for charitable causes.
The City of London livery companies have a tradition of supporting charities across all walks of life and the Cordwainers concentrate their charitable giving on footwear-related causes, as well as a number of concerns with which we have historic links.

We were delighted to unearth this record of Company donations to Footwear Friends, which details company donations in the 1920s and 1930s, and records (at top right) that Cordwainer support extended back to 1845. We have made a real effort to include a variety of events which appeal to Cordwainers of all ages and abilities.

Our commitment to charitable giving remains as strong as ever and in 2017, the Company gave over £300,000 to good causes. One of the great privileges of being Master is the chance to choose a charity for one’s year of office. This year, the Cordwainers are supporting the Alzheimer’s Society and hope to raise £25,000 for the Side-by-Side project – a volunteer-led service which supports people to get out and about in the community, take part in new activities and build their own social networks, so that they can have a better life with dementia.

We have made a real effort to plan a variety of fundraising events which will appeal to Cordwainers of all ages and abilities. I was extremely grateful for all the donations that rolled in when the Senior Warden and I took part in the Livery Hall Walk recently.  This weekend,  as several brave Cordwainers  plunged into the murky waters of the Serpentine in aid of Alzheimer’s,  I was pleased and proud to be able to send my son into swim, while I offered plenty of support, an umbrella and refreshing drinks from dry land.

To support our campaign, please visit our JustGiving page here.